EntertaiNerds Episode #5

September 12, 2016

Boss Wave’s one and only Robin Brown aka VerbalRob joins Katie and Kyle for Episode #5 of The EntertaiNerds Podcast.

This time out… we start be discussing what we have been upto recently, which involves Rob being busy at work, Katie returning to work after six weeks off and Kyle collecting his motorbike and his son starting school.

TV and film-wise we talk about the passing of Gene Wilder aswell as an offer that Daniel Craig has had to carry on being Bond for two moremovies. Katie carries on talking about Sons Of Anarchy, while Rob and Kyle discuss a film he managed to stay awake for in the cinema.

In gaming we have an in depth conversation about Sony’s newhardware at their keynote. Kyle talks about colourful indie game ‘Hue’, Katie plays GoldenEye source game… while Rob brings some Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to the virtual table.

Katie and Kyle briefly talk sport with stories from F1 and golf before going into a little bit more detail about how their football teams have done recently as well as Big Sam’s first game in charge of England.

Finally, The EntertaiNerds close the show by reading out an iTunes review and giving some shout-outs… there’s even a cat jumping on a roof.

All this and much much more in your EntertaiNerds Podcast!




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