EntertaiNerds Episode #11

February 6, 2017

This week Kyle and Katie are joined by A Band Of Gamer's Karl as he jumps back in the guest spot.

We kick this off with what we have been doing recently... which mainly involves working... and bowling.

In TV/Film The EntertaiNerd's discuss the possiblility of Pierce Brosnan appearing in Deadpool 2. Katie tells the guys about Flash and Arrow, Karl shares his thoughts on Suicide Squad and Kyle finally watches Guardians Of The Galaxy all the way through.

There is some big news in gaming as Morrowind is set to become an Elder Scrolls Online expansion in June. Karl tells us about Abzu and his obsession with Dark Souls 3. Katie and Kyle both start Final Fantasy XV and are pleasantly surprised with the game.

In sport Phil Taylor is set to retire. Katie is in football dreamland, Kyle talks about Watford's FA Cup exit but two league wins... while Karl, well he supports Aston Villa... you know whats coming!!

The gang close the show with listener questions and some shout-outs...

I apologise about the rain on the conservatory roof... should you notice!

All this and more in your EntertaiNerd's podcast!!




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