EntertaiNerds Episode #3

August 17, 2016

This week, in Episode 3 Katie and Kyle have podcast legend Chris Jellyman as a guest.

We start by discussing what we have been doing since thelast show… Katie tells us about her holiday. Chris has been podcasting here, thereand everywhere. While Kyle may have finally bought a motorbike!

In the news we talk about the loss of the R2-D2 actor aswell as the success of Suicide Squad’s opening weekend. Katie chats about StarTrek Beyond, Chris mentions Sicario and Brokeback Mountain before Kyle shareshis experience about taking his son to the cinema for the first time.

In gaming news, Microsoft sells out the new 2TB XBox One S.There’s also Sony and Nintendo hardware unveil rumours. Katie and Chris talk Witcher3… while Kyle brings two Tell Tale games and Portal 2 to the table.

The gang briefly mention the Olympics before having a goodfootball discussion as the new season has now started.

We close the show with e-mails, iTunes reviews and someshout-outs.

All this and much much more in your EntertaiNerds Podcast!




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