EntertaiNerds Episode #4

August 29, 2016

Katie and Kyle are back for Episode 4, but this time with the awesome Karl Palmer from A Band of Gamers Podcast.

As usual we kick off with what’s going on in our livesbefore moving onto films, games and sport before closing with shout-outs.

This time out, Katie has been to see Good Charlotte, watchedsome Sons of Anarchy and has been playing GTA V.

Our guest Karl tells us about his switch from Sky to Now TV,watches Independence Day 2 and goes into some detail about his experience with No Man’s Sky.

Kyle manages to fall asleep in the cinema, but has watchedPixels and completes Ori and the Blind Forest.

Just before we finish the show we briefly discuss The Olympics before moving onto how our football teams have performed in the firstfew weeks of the new season.

All this and much much more in your EntertaiNerds Podcast!




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