EntertaiNerds Episode #14

April 21, 2017

Welcome to EntertaiNerds Episode #14

On this weeks show Katie, Nat and Kyle are once again joined by Antonio – who has put pen to paper to join The EntertaiNerds for… however long he wants to! We kick things off by discussing what we have been doing since the last episode… which consists of Whipsnade Zoo, being without a room, racing ducks and buying motorbikes.

In TV/Film we discuss Walking Dead spoilers for older episodes anyway… Katie and Nat watch the new Prison Break series, Antonio tells us that Fuuka has ended and Kyle falls asleep in the cinema, again.

Big big gaming section this week (like most weeks) Nat ditches Xbox for Playstation thanks to Horizon Zero Dawn, Kyle starts LEGO City Undercover, Antonio tries to sell us Persona 5 and Katie talks more Mass Effect Andromeda!

In game news the gang talk about how the Nintendo Switch is getting on as well as Microsofts weird decision to officially announce the specs of the Scorpio – that’s numberwang!

In sport Kyle feels like Watford are safe from relegation and renews his season ticket, Nat doesn’t feel Forest are safe from relegation, Katie tells us how she’s dreaming of the play off final and Antonio discusses WWE.

We close the show with some questions before shouting out all our regulars…


All this and much much more in your EntertaiNerds Podcast!




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