EntertaiNerds Episode #13

March 31, 2017

It has been a while but The EntertaiNerds are back!

This week Katie, Nat and Kyle are joined once again by You Tuber Antonio Phillips.

We kick things off with what we've all been doing recently - Nat and Kyle have been to see some stand up comedy, while Katie has to deal with numpties at a gig and Antonio looks for a house and well.. edits videos a lot!

In TV/Film Kyle has been to the cinema to see Beauty And The Beast, Antonio talks about yet more anime... Katie and Nat chat Walking Dead.

Kyle and Nat both bought a Nintendo Switch day one... are they happy with their purchases? Antonio tells us about Resident Evil 7 and Ape Escape 2 while Katie plays her most anticipated game for a long time.. but is it any good? 

Katie tells Nat and Kyle all about Stevenage's brilliant run... while Nat and Kyle wish the season would end before either of their teams get relegated!

We close the show with some shout-outs and love for our favourite podcasts.


All this and much much more in your EntertaiNerds Podcast!




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